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Save The Date! Sat 11/19/22 2:30pm

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

We're gonna burn this barn down! (Figuratively, not literally! I just spent a ton of money making it nice.)

Friends: please join us in celebrating the [near] completion of our new-to-us barn, as we dedicate the barn & surrounding property to our favorite Bird. Plenty of food, booze, music, and wildlife will be provided.

Cost of admission: come prepared to share your favorite story about Flamingo. Got stage fright? Write your story down, and someone else will read it. Alternate methods of storytelling will be outlined in a separate post.

Dress code: Portland Autumn forest casual ...but you must have something pink. Bird's rule, not mine!

Parking is limited! Please carpool if possible.

Further details and updates will be posted here rather than Facebook.

As most of you know, Bird was not a fan of FB or social media in general. So I struggled with the decision to create this event on a platform that she hated so much. I still very much live in the headspace of "what would Flamingo do?"

Then this song came on. The playlist has been on heavy rotation in my house for the past few weeks, but this particular track -a classic and a favorite of Bird's... I didn't even know it was on this playlist that I had listened to dozens of times.

I took it as a sign.


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Carrie Warlaumont
Carrie Warlaumont
Oct 21, 2022

Dennis, is the date 11/9 or 11/19?

Carrie Warlaumont
Carrie Warlaumont
Oct 23, 2022
Replying to

You bet!

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