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Stories of Heather

"We crave story because our minds are always searching for meaning."

Your price of admission to the 11/19 Barn Dedication: Share your favorite story about Heather.

If you're coming to the barn warming next month, it's likely because Heather impacted your life in some way, either big or small. And there's probably a good story behind that. We all want to hear those stories.

Over the past several weeks I realized that one of my biggest fears is that Heather won't be remembered. As our lives move on in unpredictable ways and our paths cross with dozens or hundreds of other people ...other details in our past can get lost in the shuffle. And despite our best intentions, we forget certain events, times, and people. My attempt to mitigate this is to actively share stories about Heather at this party.

There will be a few different ways you can tell your story at the event:

  1. Step up to the mic, and start talking. Yes, I realize that reading this sentence is giving many of you some serious anxiety. That's ok -there are other options. Just remember: you'll be among friends.

  2. Write your story down and someone else will read it. There will be plenty of people in attendance who actually like public speaking, and they will be happy to read your story.

  3. Record your story in advance: a voice memo on your phone or a video if that's your jam. We will have the capability to play either one. This is a good option for those who can't make it to the event.

  4. A lot of these stories involve multiple people. Feel free to share the mic with a buddy or small group. Sometimes it's easier when you're up there with friends.

  5. Got a slideshow or PowerPoint presentation you want to use? A song you need playing in the background while you weave your tale? Just let me know in advance so we can make your TEDtalk dreams come true.

You won't have any time limit, but keep in mind that you'll be talking to this group with an open bar involved. Attention spans may be less than maximal. Do not feel pressured to be funny or profound. Just keep it real.


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1 Comment

Lori Zan
Lori Zan
Mar 30

I have so many great stories of Heather before she was bird

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