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The Flamingo Project Update

A lot has happened behind the scenes since November!

First, a big thank you to everyone who has donated to The Flamingo Project so far. Your generous contributions will all go directly towards materials and construction of this piece, as well as transporting it to the playa.

While I haven't been updating this site much, I have been working on the art project with my team. I do not fancy myself an artist. Or a carpenter. And yet here I am leading an art project. Really, I'm just a cat herder with an idea. So I needed to assemble a core team of people more talented than me:

Allen Sparks, metallurgist Dave Ackerson, fun(d)raiser Jules Sparks, engineer Kim Ackerson, fundraiser Uriah McArthur, carpenter Vanessa Jensen, designer

The premise of the art project is to design and build an interactive structure with multiple rooms, each representing a different facet of Flamingo's personality. The spaces will be distinctly designed, using color, texture, lighting, and sound to convey the different emotions associated with their respective personality. There are spans of exterior walls which will be used to define discrete outdoor spaces -each with its own interactive element, encouraging participants to create their own temporary art on the installation itself.

With seemingly random curves and angles, the piece may look like an irregular boxy shape when viewing it from the ground. But an aerial view will reveal the outline of a flamingo -an Easter egg hidden in plain sight.

Please consider donating to The Flamingo Project if you haven't done so already: And reach out to me directly if you are interested in:

  • helping with construction locally in Portland

  • helping with room design locally

  • helping with construction on-playa

  • camping with this art project support camp (I am applying for placement)


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